KOS IPPOKRATIS a i r p o r t

KOS is the 6th airport in Greece asfar as traffic is concerned (during summer).

Regarding traffic, best days are Wed (UK), Fri (Holland) and Sunday (Scandinavia). Nothing from Eastern Europe and Russia. Those days usually the West appron is also used.

Tower:121.05 Approach: 119.95 ATIS:126.95
Note that KOS is Civil Aviation airport only. There are no military/Air Force installations, so photos are generally allowed.


1. Here is a church on a small hill. The runway 98% in use is 33 so most of the traffic is entering into the appron via taxiway A. A 35-70mm lens is covering all aircraft types when passing in front of you. From that place with a 210mm lens you can cover all the appron, even to parking possition 4 hosting a 737, and also with a 210mm lens you can take good pictures during take-off roll with the sun behind you untill about 1400L.

2. For that place you need a car or some other means of transport to get there. The best thing is to stay at point (1), but in case you lose something during arrival (if you cannot take it during take-off) you can go there to get it when taxing out for departure. A 35-70mm lens is also suggested here, according to what aircraft is to be photographed.

Above : picture taken with 50mm from piont (2)

The above picture is taken from point(1) with a 50mm lens and the below pic with 200mm.

Below : picture taken with less than 200mm. The 737-400 is turning out of stand 3.

All those visiting KOS please send you logs here to help us on this link.Also remember that all flights to Kos with ACARS equiped aircraft are logged from Greek Spotters.